The Bloch Series #2: Johan Siebers on Bloch, Hope and Utopia

Ernst Bloch’s thought is largely unknown in Britain. Nyx, a noctournal decided to depart from this tremor of an as yet unknown adventure. The Bloch Series: sojourns with an heretic. Nyx: Recently you made the claim that critical theory had fundamentally missed the utopian moment. I thought I’d begin by asking why you think this happened … Continue reading

The Bloch Series #1: Peter Thompson on Bloch, Marxism and Religion

Ernst Bloch’s thought is largely unknown in Britain – Nyx, a noctournal decided to depart from this tremor of an as yet unknown adventure. The Bloch Series: sojourns with an heretic.   Nyx: Ernst Bloch stands firmly in the Marxist tradition and was named the philosopher of the October Revolution. I’d like to begin by … Continue reading

The Spectre of Engels

By Mark Rainey & Steve Hanson, Manchester Left Writers, 2014 In the summer of 2009, archaeologists in central Manchester removed the tarmac and cobblestone surface of the Miller Street carpark, revealing cellar slum dwellings from the early industrial era. The excavation was carried out in preparation for the construction of One Angel Square – the … Continue reading


Interview with the 7×8 Kuratoren Collective

Nyx, a Noctournal interviews the 7×8 Kuratoren collective.  7×8 is an international group of curators and artists formed in 2013 in the cities of Vienna and Budapest.  Responses are provided by Ya’el Santopinto, Roberta Palma, Ashlee Conery,  Kimi Kitada, Ho Leng, and Jordana Franklin. 7X8 Kuratoren is a multi-national collective of curators formed during an … Continue reading

Cultural Studies Occasional #2: Steve Hanson

In the second of our Cultural Studies Occasional series, Nyx catches up with Steve Hanson. Steve is an Associate Lecturer at Goldsmiths and the University of Salford. We forego the usual interview format with Steve providing a sort of monologue about what he terms an ‘idiosyncratic geography of cultural studies’. It weaves together place and … Continue reading

Cultural Studies Occasional #1: David Wilkinson

This is the first of our occasional interview series exploring cultural studies research and practice outside Goldsmiths’ Centre for Cultural Studies.  Nyx met up with David Wilkinson, a Research Assistant at the University of Reading.  In this interview David calls for a return to cultural materialism, particularly that of Raymond Williams, and discusses his own … Continue reading

Issue 9: Vermin – Call for contributions

  Rats. Cockroaches. Locusts. Plagues and infestations. Vermin are the unwanted, the weeds of the animal kingdom, the exterminable. They spread infection and disease and pose a threat to human life. For its ninth issue, Nyx, a noctournal seeks contributions that address the concept of vermin. How can we think about the construction of vermin, particularly in … Continue reading

Nyx Blog: Call for Contributions

Nyx, a Noctournal is a peer-reviewed print/online platform of cultural theory, politics and art. Whilst print is beautiful, online and open-access platforms hold great potential for sharing work with a growing network of new cultural theorists, activists, and art practitioners. And whilst we can’t pay for work, as our limited funds all go into costs of … Continue reading


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