Nyx, a noctournal takes its inspiration from the night, that space of creative and subversive potential outside the boundaries of daylight, propriety and productivity. The journal belongs to the day: to the time of light, of clarity, of organised work. We wanted a place to record what we do outside of normal daylight hours, a noctournal, when the rules of work and the usual strictures of academic writing are relaxed; a place to write and think about what we see only obscurely, or not at all. At night, the relationship between the sensible and the real is different: a dimly-glimpsed contour, the shifting of a shade, the echo of a movement, maybe a sign of something present and important, whose full significance is waiting to emerge. Or it may be the effect of something trivial, a passer-by whose true influence on us we will never really learn; it may be something, or it may be nothing at all – a trick of the dark.

Nyx, a noctournal is a publication of critical theory, art and politics peer-reviewed by a collective of young researchers, activists and theorists. It is not-for-profit and partially funded by the Centre for Cultural Studies and the Graduate School at Goldsmiths, University of London. Although it emerges from an academic setting, and borrows somewhat the shape and function of an academic journal, it attempts to relax the rules of what may be considered relevant, and to challenge the paradigm of ‘the specialist’. To this avail, not only does it feature some of the more prominent voices in contemporary art and critical theory, but also contributions from younger talents in these fields.

Whilst critical theory, art and politics remain at the forefront of its concerns, approaches to these areas are welcomed from a broad range of methods: from fine linguistic analysis to foamy-lipped polemic, from photography to comic illustration, and from book reviews and interviews to first-person observation. Each issue focuses on a specific theme, such as Myth, Machines, or Skin, and contributions are welcome from all. All content is peer-reviewed by two editors before publication.

The editorial collective of Nyx, a noctournal is made up of: Davide Barile, Nathaniel Jerzy Barron, Denise Padron Benitez, Nicholas Gledhill, Beth Heron, Mark Rainey, Guy Sewell, and Drusilla Song.

Online, you can purchase our latest issue in print or as pdf, and you can find all back issues for free to read or download as pdf. From time to time, we also publish new material on our blog, ranging from articles, reviews, translations and recordings, to news about call for contributions and our launch events. If you would like to contribute content for the blog, see here for more info.


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