Skin’s Dead Matter – Issue 8 Call for Contributions

“Personally, I prefer to imagine man as a machine, which transmutes in itself so-called ‘dead matter’ into a psychical energy and will, in some far-away future, transform the whole world into a purely psychical one … At that time nothing will exist except thought. Everything will disappear, being transmuted into pure thought, which alone will exist, incarnating the entire mind of humanity … At some future time all matter absorbed by man shall be transmuted by him and by his brain into a sole energy – a psychical one. This energy shall discover harmony in itself and shall sink into self-contemplation – in a meditation over all the infinitely creative possibilites concealed in it.”
– Maxim Gorky, Fragments from My Diary (1923).

Nearly eighty years ago, god-building intellectuals were celebrating the possibilities of the end of the body. Skin became mere matter, dead matter. Scavenging through history’s ashes, reflecting on what was discussed about Machines in Issue Seven, we have a sense now of where those technological utopias lie. Where is skin, and what is skin, today?

The deadline for 250-word abstracts and images for Nyx’s next issue, Skin, is on November 15th. Read the full call here.

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