Off Centered Chandelier

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Off Centered Chandelier

Posted by Brusse Ancelina on Friday, 24 January, 2020 07:56:32

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I bought a chandelier for my dining area to replace the ceiling fan, but the light fixture hookup is not centered in the room. What do I need to do to drape the chain over so the chandelier will hang centered over my table? Moving the table won't help because then it will be shoved over to one side of the room and look bad.

Be sure that the chandelier is centered over the table and not in the middle of the room. If you have a hutch or sideboard against one wall, as most people do, your table will likely be placed slightly off center in the room, and everything will look off-kilter if the chandelier hangs exactly dead center.

My dining room chandelier is off-center by 5 inches! Not a big deal, except that I have sconces on the wall at the head of the table and if I center the table between the sconces, the chandelier will be 5" off the center of the table, and if I center it under the chandelier, it'll be shifted 5" closer to once sconce than the other.

How to deal with electrical box not centered with table? If we want to hang a fixture centered over the table, are we limited to fixtures that come with a chain? The ones where you install it into the electrical box but then you attach a hook into the ceiling and dangle the chain over the spot you want?

The Tolomeo 17-Inch Off-Center Suspension Light from Artemide has been masterfully crafted to deliver maximum flexibility in terms of adjusting the position of the light source. The tension control knobs and joints are artfully constructed using die-cast aluminum, polished to a light reflective finish.