Best L Shaped Kitchen Design

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Best L Shaped Kitchen Design

Posted by Brassard Adrien on Friday, 22 May, 2020 14:27:50

FeastHome - Changing the kitchen layout is expensive because the project involves electrical work, construction, and pipeline removal. This causes homeowners to use the old kitchen layout and improve the function of the kitchen with additional elements. If you have an L-shaped kitchen, then you are the lucky one because this article discusses L-shaped kitchen design.

L Shaped Kitchen with a Peninsula. Again - the terminology is a bit cloudy here as this could also be described as a U shaped kitchen with an extra few cabinets on the end. I think the extra bit would make a great desk area - a place to have the laptop and do a bit of paperwork while keeping an eye on the cooking.

An L shaped kitchen is not a new thing in home designing. It's a very common design for the kitchen. There so many ideas you can explore about this design. From the L shaped counter to L shaped island table, all of them are suitable and flexible for any style.

An L-shaped kitchen lends itself perfectly to this triangular tip, being two sides of a triangle to begin with. An L-shaped layout works best in small and medium sized spaces, which fly closer to the work triangle efficiency guideline of spreading workstations at no more than 1200mm apart.

For more privacy when cooking, choose an L-shaped layout which forces the traffic out of the work area. For more interaction with family and guests, try an L-shape with an island. The L-shaped kitchen has a main wall of cabinets with either the sink or range and a shorter run of cabinets placed in an L-configuration.

The L-shaped kitchen layout is a classic design that satisfies the needs of most medium-sized homes and has been used successfully for decades. Forming the letter "L," cabinets extend in two directions, often with one section of cabinets longer than the other section. Pros. This layout utilizes the concept of the kitchen triangle, where workflow is organized in a roughly triangular shape