Art Above Tv

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Art Above Tv

Posted by Brouhard Ambroise on Sunday, 24 May, 2020 21:12:09

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Q: We've been in my apartment for over a year, and sill can't seem to find the right something for above and/or behind our TV (photo 2). We're staying away from paintings, photographs, or linear shelves as we have those on the other walls in the living space (photo 1).I'm in love with the C. Jere chrome raindrops wall sculpture (photo 3), but it's way above my ideal price range.

or create a little TV niche to embrace it and make a focal point (via HGTV) A dramatic grouping of geometric shelves looks great on the wall above the TV (from Monogram Decor) and PS: you can get plans to build your own hexagon shelves here. A large art easel holding a flatscreen looks great in this apartment (House Beautiful via Remodelaholic).

I've had several people ask me to write a post about decorating around the television. It can definitely be a problem when you really don't want the focal point of the room to be a soul-less tv set. The most obvious solution is mounting a flatscreen above the fireplace so that both the focal points are both addressed as one.

Eye level or about 60 inches is the optimal height for hanging art and mirrors. Look at the top of your door frames and if your pieces are big enough, they should just reach the top of the door frame. To hang artwork over a sofa, make sure the bottom edge is six inches above the top of the sofa.

Unfortunately, the big shiny black box that is the flat screen TV just dominates a room. In more traditionally decorated rooms, and when white trim is involved, one solution is to have other black accents and accessories. Here the TV is over a dark stone fireplace; along with the darker brown floors, it helps ground the room.