African Themed Furniture

Astuces pour décorer son salon à l'africaine

African Themed Furniture

Posted by Bresson Alexandrine on Saturday, 30 May, 2020 22:31:10

African decorating theme is versatile. Wood furniture and fabric appliques, African decorations and animal images are great for baby rooms and teenage bedroom designs, girls or boys bedroom decorating. Images of trees and animals, African sunset or seascape paintings create gorgeous kids room decor with African flavor.

Phases Africa Furniture & Decor PTY ltd, was launched in Los Angeles, by native South African Noleen Kutash, in 2001. An online shopping experience in superior quality: African décor as well as, African furniture, unique lighting, African art décor, handmade area rugs and kids' room décor.

No castle is complete without the king of the jungle, the noble lion. With a splendid muscular body and stunningly sculpted mane, you'll think our realistic life-size King of the Lions Sculpture stepped right out of sub-Saharan Africa. Another marvelous beast from the Toscano Grand-Scale Animal Wildlife Collection, our gentle giant Rhino Statue will command attention and respect from every

Decorating with a safari theme will require some planning and perhaps a little smoke and mirrors. Here's a few thoughts to get your safari started: • Bamboo - If you want to bungle in the jungle, your bedroom has to be the ultimate in jungle motif. There are many styles of bamboo bed frames that will suit the purpose.

How to Create an African Safari Themed Room. If you're using animal prints in your furniture or textiles, though, stick to one pattern and don't overdo it — nothing makes a room feel more dizzying and look more gaudy than multiple animal prints stacked up next to each other. 5

Below we have a selection of African furniture that has been handcrafted out of natural material found locally in the country they were made in. African furniture has traditionally taken aspects and images of what is around them on a daily basis and used them in their furniture designs.