Nyx online: call for contributions

Nyx a Noctournal invites contributions to its online platform.

Nyx, a Noctournal is a peer-reviewed print/online platform of cultural theory, politics and art. After the publication of our recent seventh issue this summer, we’re planning to also develop and share new work and theory on our open-access online platform, nyxnoctournal.org, with a weekly series of articles, polemics, and reviews.

Whilst print is beautiful, online and open-access platforms hold great potential for sharing work with a growing network of new cultural theorists, activists, and art practitioners. And whilst we can’t pay for work, we can ensure it is edited, supported and shared with an international web of thinkers and graduate researchers. Sound good? If you have ideas, work, images, research, recorded lectures or events you’d like to share, or have suggestions about content, email noctournal@gmail.com.

We hope to begin a new season of the intriguing, irksome, conspiring and unusual over the coming months.

Many thanks,

Nyx a noctournal.

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