Nyx 7: Machines is now in print, order now!

After a successful launch at the Old Police Station, Deptford, Nyx 7 is now available to order.

 The seventh Machines issue of Nyx, a Noctournal is £10 from the Nyx website, including a pdf copy. Postage additionally costs £2 within the UK, £3 within Europe and £4 rest of world. Or purchase the pdf for £5.

Nyx #7 + UK postage £12
Nyx #7 + EU postage £13
Nyx #7 + rest of world postage £14
Nyx #7 – just pdf £5

Read the editorial.

Issue 7: Contents

Editorial by Nicholas Gledhill, image by Zoe Hunn

Nyx essays
Speed Machines by Benjamin Noys, images by Mark Soo
Ecologies of Machines: Commodities and Contribution by Sy Taffel, images by Matthew Plummer-Fernandez
The Dehumanised Citizen: Politics versus a Machine-like Existence under the Pretext of the Greek Crisis by Sophia Kanaouti, images by Sinikka Heden
Anxiety Machines: Continuous Connectivity and the New Hysteria by J.D. Taylor, images by Caroline Yiallouros
Accentuate the Positive by Claudia Firth, images by Pil and Galia Kollectiv
The Neoliberal Time Machine: a Device to Map Capitalism? by Yari Lanci, images by Jarek Piotrowski
Answering Machines: Video Games and the Bathos of Machinic (mis)Communication by Rob Gallagher, images by Alice White
Desiring and Destruction: Rosemarie Trockel’s Painting Machine by Katherine Guinness, images by Rosemarie Trockel and Peter Patchen
Deconstructing Sex Machines by Niki Duller and Mon Rodriguez-Amat, images by Alina Dolgin and Magdalena Suranyi
Game of Drones: Cubicle Warriors and the Drudge of War by Amedeo Policante, images by Peter Patchen
Resistance through the Algorithm: Saudi Arabian Anti-proxy Activities by Chiara Livia Bernardi, images by Evan Saarinen
The Ancient Workshop of Potential Literature by James Burton
The Anaesthetist Worship of Potter Liturgy by the N+6 Madame and the Shorter Oxford English Difference
Abstract Machinism and Synthetic Thinking: Outlines for a Machinic Materialism by Jon Lindblom, images by Space Sound Painting Machine

Nyx interviews

Bernard Stiegler: Call for Attention by Sascha Raschof
Michael Taussig: Notes from a Conversation by Kevin W. Molin, images by Centrefold
Luciana Parisi: The Holes in the Machine by Nicholas Gledhill, images by Re(mix) S.A.M.S

Nyx reviews

Howard Slater’s Anomie/Bonhomie & Other Writings by Steve Hanson

Nyx, a Noctournal
Issue 7 ‘Machines’
ISSN 1758-9630

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